Flipnote Hatena Weekly News: October 2, 2009

October is here again -- the the air is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter here in Kyoto, Japan at Hatena headquarters. It's nice weather to bring your Nintendo DSi outside and make some Flipnotes, isn't it?

For this week's edition of the Flipnote Hatena Weekly news, we'll review some of the best submissions from last week's topic "Your Original Team of Heroes", as well as show some of our favorite Flipnotes from around the world this week, and lastly introduce a new topic for this week.

Recently many Flipnote creators from around the world have been posting Flipnotes for the weekly topic, and we appreciate all of you taking the time to create your Flipnotes and sharing them with the world.

The best of last week's topic: "Your Original Team of Heroes"

In the past week we had over 900 Flipnotes (!) posted for this week's topic by Flipnote creators around the globe, and we've chosen a few of our favorites to share with you here.

From Europe and Oceania:

★ Hinto (id:Hinto) created the triple powered "Team Kartos" with Jerry, Sophie and Harry who are definitely not a team to be messed with.

★ "Zero G-Force - Episode One" by Gwyn.400 (id:gwyn) is a funny Flipnote about a team of 3 bumbling heroes who try their best to fight evil, but seem to keep making mistakes. What will happen to Super PD Woman, Captain PD and Thumper in the next episode?!?

From the Americas:

★ Fenyx Negima (id:fenyxofshadows) tells the story of a team of heroes with magical powers in this well-illustrated Flipnote titled "Maga Ereaka #1"

From Japan:

★ You'll surely enjoy this team of zoo animals with special powers in the Flipnote "Animal Squadron: Zoo Rangers" by Bobiko (id:bobi-wan).

★ This dirty team of heroes, the "Osaingers", is no match for their rival "Clean Man" in this funny Flipnote by Godanchi (id:a9372-8085-7482)

Check out everyone's "Your Original Team of Heroes" Flipnotes by accessing the URL below (be sure to set your content preference to Worldwide to see Flipnotes from all regions):


Now, here are some other Flipnotes we liked from users around the world.

Flipnotes from Japan:

★ Talented Flipnote creator from Japan, fanatics (id:fanatics), brings us "Little Bear's Funky Dance 2". Be sure to check out all of the Flipnotes by fanatics, who is one of the highest ranked creators in Japan.

★ We really enjoyed the amazing flowing animation and illustration skills in their Flipnote titled "02 THE RACE Vol.1" by Kofns (id:Kofns).

Flipnotes from the Americas:

★ Join in the fun and dance with this alien life form by ricter (id:ollymao). Nice work!

★ The Flipnote "Wolf running" by Nightabsol (id:nightabsol) has very well done hand drawn animation that really impressed us.

★ Check out this beautifully illustrated untitled Flipnote by Mary (id:veronicam), who has posted many wonderful illustrations to Flipnote Hatena.

Flipnotes from Europe and Oceania:

★ The tragic story of a hungry character "Goo and Flower 2" by NEVERTIME (id:Nevertime) caught our attention. Be sure to check out this creator's other Flipnotes too.

★ Can you find the answer to "Puzzle Time!" by Vix Chan (id:Vix_Chan)? Some of us still haven't figured it out!

This week's topic: "Sports Day"

In most places in the world Autumn weather is not too hot nor too cold, and it is a good time to go outside and do some competitive sports. In Japan many schools have sporting events called "Sports Day" with running, ball games, eating contests, and all sorts of competitive sports events.

For this week's topic create a Flipnote about some kind of competitive sport and post your submissions about this topic by entering the command via "Command Search" from Flipnote Hatena on your Nintendo DSi.

Check out the current submissions about this week's topic at the URL below (be sure to set your content preference to Worldwide to see Flipnotes from all regions):


We'll introduce some of the best Flipnotes from around the world based on this week's theme in next week's Flipnote Hatena news blog.

Hatena Request Channel

Do you have any ideas about how we can improve Flipnote Hatena? Please let us know by posting a Flipnote with your ideas to the Hatena Request Channel.

You can post your ideas and feedback by entering the command to directly access the Hatena Request Channel and post your Flipnotes for us there.

You can see the current submissions to the Hatena Request Channel the URL below (be sure to set your content preference to Worldwide to see Flipnotes from all regions):


This brings us to the end of this week's edition of the Flipnote Hatena News, and we will post another update next Friday (October 9, 2009). We are looking forward to seeing your Flipnotes and thanks for using Hatena!