New Flipnote Hatena features: "Your recommended Flipnotes" & "Your recommended creators"

Today we added 2 new features to Flipnote Hatena, which are "Your recommended Flipnotes" and "Your recommended creators"

These features recommend Flipnotes and creators to you based on the Flipnotes you have added stars to before, and the creators you have previously added to your favorites.

"Your recommended Flipnotes"


To see "Your recommended Flipnotes" access the top page of Flipnote Hatena and login, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find 6 Flipnotes recommended for you under the heading "Your recommended Flipnotes". These Flipnotes are chosen for you based on data about the Flipnotes you have added stars to previously. If you add stars to any of the Flipnotes displayed in the "Your recommended Flipnotes" section, the Flipnotes will be removed from the list.

If you have not yet added any stars to Flipnotes, or are not logged in to Flipnote Hatena the 6 Flipnotes displayed in the "Your recommended Flipnotes" section will be Flipnotes chosen for you by us at Hatena.

"Your recommended creators"


To see "Your recommended creators" make sure you are logged in to Flipnote Hatena, then access your "Creator's Room" and click on the "Favorites" tab. A list of "Your recommended creators" will be displayed on the lower right side of the screen. These creators are recommended to you based on data from which creators you have added to your favorites previously.

We hope these 2 new features will help you discover new Flipnotes and creators that you might have overlooked in the past or never seen before, and make Flipnote Hatena even more fun for everyone.