New Feature: Creator's Fans List Page

Starting from today we added a new page to the Flipnote Hatena website that allows you to easily see a list of any creator's fans.

To access the creator's fan list page, click on link titled "___ more users" on the right side of every creators page, as illustrated in the image below:


Previously when you clicked on this link the fan list would be shown on the same page, but it took a long time to display the list for creators with many fans. This made the function difficult to use because it was very slow, and also it made the page display size very long.

To solve this problem we've added a new fan list page. Fans are displayed in the order they became a fan of the creator, and there is also an "Add to Favorites" button next to every fan so you can easily add them to your favorites list.


We hope this new feature adds to your enjoyment of Flipnote Hatena, and we're looking forward to seeing your Flipnotes!