System update: New functions and speed improvements to Flipnote Hatena

Today we added several new functions and made some performance improvements to Flipnote Hatena that we'd like to tell you about.

1) Improvement of the transmission speed of Flipnote Hatena for Nintendo DSi

The speed when navigating pages such as the top menu of Flipnote Hatena, All Flipnotes, individual Flipnote pages, channels, and individual Creator's Rooms has been greatly improved, and we hope these changes will provide a better user experience for all of our users.

2) New reporting method for copied Flipnotes (abuse of the spin-off function)


Spin-offs that have no significant changes from the original Flipnote(such as no additions or changes to the original content, or having only text added or the speed/color changed, etc.)can now be reported by the creator of the original Flipnote. Please note that this reporting option can only be used by the creator of the original Flipnote and is not available to other users.

3) Users who have not registered for a Hatena ID can add other creators to their favorites

Previously it was not possible for users who didn't have a Hatena ID to add other users to their favorites, but now unregistered users can keep track of their favorite creators too.

4) Addition of the ability to lock channels

It is now possible to lock channels from the channel settings page on the Flipnote Hatena website. When a channel is locked it will no longer be possible to post Flipnotes to that channel or to link/unlink Flipnotes to it. We hope that this function will be useful for users who wish to create channels featuring a complete series of Flipnotes, or for other collections of Flipnotes that the channel creator wishes to longer be modified.


Click on the pencil icon on your channel icon to access the channel settings page,
then scroll down to the bottom to find the channel lock setting.


More good things to come!

These are all of the updates that we have introduced today, but we will continue improving Flipnote Hatena based on your feedback to make it even better.

We hope that you enjoy these changes to Flipnote Hatena, and we're looking forward to seeing your Flipnotes!