July 27, 2011: Hatena Featured Artist - “Goobie” (id:ProSoccer88)


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Today's Hatena Featured Artist is “Goobie” (id:ProSoccer88) from the Americas region.

Please tell us about yourself.

Hello! I'm "Goobie" and I'm a teenage girl from California, USA.

What are your interests or hobbies, and how do you spend your free time?

During the day, I'm always on the go. Between sports, friends, and school that it's hard to find time to create Flipnotes. I play soccer year round, run cross country in the fall, and run track (and field) in the spring. When I am free, I enjoy creating things, like Flipnotes!

Please introduce some of your favorite Flipnotes, and tell us why you like them.

★ "Robots" - I really love this Flipnote! I think the Robot is adorable, and I like how I animated it. I drew a new Robot on every page to give it the "shaky" look.

★ "DSi Ballerina" - Like an old fashioned jewelry box, when you open this Nintendo DSi, a dancing ballerina pops up and dances to a peaceful melody.

★ "Flying Piggy" - This flip is one of my favorites because it not only is a funny animation, but because a great quote follows.

★ "Scary Spider" - This Flipnote relates to how I feel about spiders.

★ "Frog Scrn Clnr" - This cute frog will clean your Nintendo DSi screen in no time!

What techniques or skills are you especially good at in your Flipnotes?

Personally, I think I excel in the creativity category. I always have brilliant ideas in my head, but it's hard to make them come to life. I wish I had more skills to!

What are some techniques or skills that you wish to improve?

I would like to improve both my drawing and animating skills. My drawing style tends to switch around a lot, but I really like (and look to for inspiration) ☆K66Gunso★ (id:KeroroGunsoFN)'s cartoons, Beripop (id:sqeezyheart11) and Manna (id:Sammisamurai)'s own unique drawing style, and Epic (id:EpicGuitar) and C1 (id:c1animation)'s sketchy look.

Please introduce some of your favorite artists on Flipnote Hatena

I have MANY favorite creators, as you can see by my favorites list. It's so hard to choose, but my absolute favorites are:

Epic (id:EpicGuitar) - These two brothers' creations are simply "epic."

☆K66Gunso★(id:KeroroGunsoFN) - The music videos, animations, and drawings by ☆K66Gunso★ are some of the best I've seen!

Skittles (id:Rainbow_Skittles) - Her Flipnotes are cute and simple, which I love.

the sketch (id:modifyer) and Thomas (id:tomf-96)'s Flipnotes remind me of each other, both similar in style, both fantastically animated.

Flipnote by the sketch (id:modifier)

Flipnote by Thomas (id:tomf-96)

PickyEater (id:AnotherPickyEater) - I have loved watching her Flipnotes throughout my time on Hatena, she is so talented in her artwork and animation.

Nico Blue (id:mdn459) - Makes hilarious creations!

InkWolf (id:InkWolf) - I believe at least half of all Hatena users has heard of or seen InkWolf's Flipnotes, and there's a reason, they're great.

name nom (id:Mohamed) - What a terrific artist!

Pipiche(id:pipiche), and HARRY (id:jago12-345) are both from the Europe & Oceania's region; their Flipnotes are very detailed and creative.

Flipnote by Pipiche(id:pipiche)

Flipnote by HARRY (id:jago12-345)

Starla (id:Captain_Pika) The animations by this creator are so smooth and beautiful, they're fun to watch.

There are so many marvelous creators on Flipnote Hatena, and it was difficult to pick only a few favorites. For more great creators, check out my favorites list, I'm sure you will all like what you find :)

Is there something you would like to say to the Flipnote Hatena community?

Never give up. No matter what anyone tells you, don't give up. I never thought I'd be where I am today with my animations, but I still kept at it, and I'm slowly--but surely!--achieving my goals.

Even if you're not the best artist, or the best animator, it's important to make original creations, and to do your best on them.

Lastly, I'd like to thank all of my friends, fans, and the staff at Hatena. Your support means the world to me!

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