October 7, 2011: Flipnote Hatena Weekly News


Hello Flipnoters around the world. This is Aaron at Hatena's offices in Kyoto, Japan.

This past week less than 450 Flipnotes were posted about the weekly topic "Zoo", which was relatively lower than average. I hope that this wasn't because some of you got lost in the zoo while researching about the weekly topic!

Seriously, we realize that many of you are busy with school, work or life and don't have much time for Flipnotes these days. We would like to express our thanks to all of you who did post "Zoo" Flipnotes this week, and hope that you liked the topic as much as we did.

The weekly topic gives you a chance to share your skills with others about a common theme and take part in the Flipnote Hatena community. If you haven't yet posted a weekly topic Flipnote please give it a try! This week's topic is something that will certainly make you smile!

Thanks from all of us at Hatena in Kyoto.

Flipnote of the Week

Shioaji (id:ususioaji) from Japan posted this abstract animation that caught our attention.

The best of the last week's topic: "Zoo"

This week we are happy to introduce some of our favorite weekly topic Flipnotes posted by creators from around the world.

You can see all of the Flipnotes posted about last week's topic by clicking on the link below (be sure to set your content preference to Worldwide to see Flipnotes from all regions):

Weekly Topic: Zoo

"Zoo" Flipnotes from the Americas region

★ “We liked the motion in this short Flipnote by "Goobie" (id:ProSoccer88) that features a monkey and an elephant.

★ Some zoo animals escape in this funny Flipnote by cosmasque (id:cosmasque).

★ We enjoyed this creative Flipnote by Najat.T.S (id:gold69) titled "Zoo in my DSi".

★ Check out the cool transformations in this Flipnote by fatma (id:master_trollz).

PickyEater (id:AnotherPickyEater) created this funny Flipnote titled "My real-life zoo"!

★ We liked the cute zoo animals that appear in this Flipnote by Elecman (id:Carmine07).

"Zoo" Flipnotes from the Europe and Oceania region

Simon (id:simon-a) created this Flipnote from a video that he took of Orcas.

★ Meet the missing link in this funny Flipnote by helen (id:mypostingidsucks).

★ Enjoy a ball game with some zoo animals in this nice animation by Dani (id:Daniel6991).

★ We like the silhouetted style of the characters in this zoo themed Flipnote by MIKA-CHAN (id:Bunny-Bun-Bun).

★ A little monkey gets into trouble with some big animals in this animation by Robles★ (id:robles).

Justin (id:liugi25) animated a variety of creatures big and small in this cute Flipnote.

"Zoo" Flipnotes from Japan

★ A mischievous monkey has an unexpected encounter in this Flipnote by Yudetama (id:sibirudon).

★ A lion runs through a field of sunflowers in this cute animation by Asurapan (id:kaz872a).

★ All sorts of animals appear in this nicely drawn Flipnote by Chamuro (id:chamuro).

★ A young girl encounters some magical transforming animals in this animation by J-Edward (id:J-edward).

★ We liked this 3D-like animation of a hungry elephant that was posted by Foo☆ (id:RAKUGAKINGU-suzu).

Sororoo (id:okada-1997-427) posted this neat animation of various animals transforming as they run.

Weekly Topic: Laughing

It has been said that laughing helps us to feel better and keep us healthy. Sometimes in our busy lives, we forget about the importance of laughter. For this reason, we've chosen to introduce laughing for our weekly topic.

This week we would like you to create Flipnotes filled with chuckles, chortles, grins, giggles, guffaws, hee-hees and yuk-yuks! Animate people laughing or record sounds of people laughing and create animations to accompany them.

Please submit your weekly topic Flipnotes by midnight on October 13, 2011 (Thursday) US Pacific Time, and we will feature some of our favorites on October 14, 2011 (Friday).

You can see all of the Flipnotes currently posted about this week's topic at the URL below (be sure to set your content preference to Worldwide to see Flipnotes from all regions):

Weekly Topic: Laughing

Frog Sightings

If you are interested in having your frog photo or illustration featured in the "Weekly Frog Sighting" section of the blog please post them on Hatena Haiku and we might feature it here.

Please submit only original photos/illustrations that you have created yourself.

cosmasque (id:cosmasque) drew this cute frog with the Hatena Drawing Tool (Hatena Oekaki Tool).


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