December 14, 2011: Hatena Featured Artist - Fazone (id:faz1)


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Today's Hatena Featured Artist is Fazone (id:faz1) from the Americas region.

Please tell us about yourself.

When I was a kid I already liked to draw, even during class. Whenever I finished my classwork I drew on the back of the paper. My teacher liked my art and always put it on the wall to show to others. I dream of becoming a graphic novelist and game designer one day.

What are your interests or hobbies, and how do you spend your free time?

I like to read manga, graphic novels, and the comics in the newspaper. I also enjoy playing video games.

Please introduce some of your best Flipnotes, and tell us why you like them.

★ "PHANTOM" - This is my first Flipnote about my ghostly character, his name was Phantom but I changed it to Fantom.

★ "Hi Ghost" - Whenever I am at home during the night I have this feeling that someone is watching me.

★ "Tricycle-Phobia" - There were two things I was afraid of as a kid, ghosts and getting hit by a bicycle. So I made this to make fun out of these fears. Poor Fantom.

★ "Tronic Super Cannon" - I wanted my character Tronic to be a hero, so I tried to let him do something big and epic.

★ "Rabbit Meteor" - I was playing a game with friends when I got the idea to make this.

★ "The Mess" - When I was a kid my mom would get mad at me for these kind of things... funny moments.

What techniques or skills are you especially good at in your Flipnotes?

I am trying to use as many skills as possible. I learn them from others by looking very detailed at their Flipnotes.

What are some techniques or skills that you wish to improve in your Flipnotes?

The trickiest thing for me is to draw hands and feet. I still need to do some more practicing on that.

Please introduce us your favorite artists!

Skittles (id:Rainbow_Skittles) - She makes cute Flipnotes. I cannot stop saying "aww cute".

Jay 10 (id:katanaX5) - His skills are good and I enjoy his awesome series.

MsMetaFan (id:MissMetaFan9) - She is very funny and I like her Flipnotes.

Mira-San (id:mirao_o) - Her skills are great and I like her style.

Lola-Chan (id:SkullBreaker) - I like her Flipnotes, they are nice.

Is there something you would like to say to the Flipnote Hatena community?

Do your best and do not just use the same old joke you have seen on the Internet. To the Hatena staff, I am surprised to be featured, Thank you so much.

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