URLs for user profiles on Hatena's online services have been changed

The URLs for displaying user profiles on Hatena's online services, known as "My Hatena", have been changed.

Starting today, profiles will no longer be displayed on www.hatena.com and will appear on profile.hatena.com instead.

  • Click here to see how your profile is displayed: Profile

Profiles were formerly accessed at URLs with the following format:


After this change, the URL to access user profiles will now be in the following format:


Users who access the old profile URL, will automatically be redirected to the new URL.

The following URLs related to user profiles have also been changed. The new URLs for various parts of user profiles on Hatena's online services are as follows:

Page Former URL New URL
Profile http://www.hatena.com/HatenaID/ http://profile.hatena.com/HatenaID/
Antenna http://www.hatena.com/HatenaID/antenna http://profile.hatena.com/HatenaID/antenna
Favorites http://www.hatena.com/HatenaID/favorites http://profile.hatena.com/HatenaID/favorites
Fans http://www.hatena.com/HatenaID/fans http://profile.hatena.com/HatenaID/fans
Friends http://www.hatena.com/HatenaID/friends http://profile.hatena.com/HatenaID/friends
Edit http://www.hatena.com/HatenaID/edit http://profile.hatena.com/HatenaID/edit
Settings http://www.hatena.com/HatenaID/edit.config http://profile.hatena.com/HatenaID/edit.config
Recent Activity http://www.hatena.com/HatenaID/activities http://profile.hatena.com/HatenaID/activities

We look forward to your continued enjoyment of Hatena's online services.