(For developers) The Hatena Haiku API has been upgraded as well

In line with the revised Hatena Haiku the Hatena Haiku API has been upgraded as well.

The main changes are as listed below. For detailed information please have a look at the documents of the Hatena Developer Center.

OAuth is now supported

The OAuth authentication system is now supported. Read operations use "read_public" permissions, and writing and delete operations use "write_public" permissions.

The formerly implemented HTTP Basic authentication will still be supported, but we recommend use of OAuth from now on. We do not currently have plans to stop supporting HTTP Basic authentication, but may do depending on the situation with the transition to OAuth.

The automatic reply function by using @ has been stopped

The "status" portion of "statuses/update" below formerly existed:

Using the header @id will reply to a user's (id:username) last entry.


This function may cause confusion because it is similar to the functions of the API, so it has been removed. "@id" is now handled as a character string. When you want to make a reply you should explicitly use "in_reply_to_status_id" with the entry ID to be replied to.

Arguments for posting body text (body_formats) have been established

New arguments for "body_formats" has been added to "statuses/show" which is used for reading posts. If you use "body_formats=haiku", "body_formats=html,html_touch" you can obtain either unconverted Hatena notation or HTML converted Hatena notation respectively.

All keyword information can now be acquired

The new argument "word" has been added to has been added to "keywords/show", which is used for acquiring information about keywords. The previously available "keywords/show/Hatena%20Haiku.json" specification method had some problems acquiring keyword names that used special characters. We recommend use of the "word" argument in ways such as "keywords/show.json?word=Hatena%20Haiku".

The argument "without_related_keywords" has been newly added to keyword lists.

The arguments "keywords/list" and "keywords/hot" has been added for acquiring keyword lists. If "without_related_keywords=1" is used, the related keywords list will not be included. We recommend use of this option for increasing the speed of applications that do not use related keyword information.

"page" argument for lists of Fans/Favorite keywords has been newly established

The "page" argument has been added to "statuses/followers" that is used for acquiring fan lists, and also to "statuses/keywords" that is used for acquiring favorite keywords. Lists of users and keywords can be acquired up to 100 per page, and "page=2" or similar arguments can be used for additional pages. This is the same method used by "statuses/friends" for favorite user lists.

Web page forms can now be filled in.

This is not part of the API, however, we have added the ability to add "word" and "body" arguments to a Hatena Haiku URL such as "http://h.hatena.com/?word=Hatena%20Haiku&body=Hello,%20New%2..."

to open a page that will display the title or the body as a character string.

A graphic for the post button (http://h.hatena.com/images/haiku-button.png) is also available for you to use.