Hatena Haiku has been upgraded!

Today Hatena's mini-blogging service "Hatena Haiku" has been upgraded. To make the service easier to use we have added a number of improvements and removed bugs.

Towards a stress free pleasant service.

We have redesigned Hatena Haiku in many ways to provide a great improvement in the operation speed of the service. Posting and viewing entries can now be done without reloading the whole page.

Towards a service that can be used at any time from all kinds of devices.

Compatibility with smartphones, the iPad and the Nintendo DSi Browser has been optimized. With the new of a smartphone edition of Hatena Haiku you can now post at any time from anywhere with an Apple iOS or Android device. The popular drawing tool now also works for the Nintendo DSi, iPhone and iPad.

Towards a service that can be used in a fun way with other services.

Connectivity with other Hatena services has been improved. From Hatena Haiku's keyword pages you can see information from Hatena Keyword, Hatena Bookmark and the location sharing service Hatena Coco.

You can access the new version of Hatena Haiku from the following link.

http://h.hatena.com/ (for computers and smartphones)

At the same time the Japanese version of Hatena Haiku has also been upgraded. The Japanese version can be accessed from the following URL:


Features of the new version

For detailed information on the changes to the new version please have a look at "Changes to version 1.1". A short summary is listed below.

  • The service
    • The operation speed has been improved
    • A version for smartphones and the Nintendo DSi has been created
    • Emoji is now supported
    • Nicknames are displayed
  • Viewing
    • A notification services for new entries has been added
    • Function for automatic loading of the next page has been added
    • A button to display replies has been added
    • The name of the user that replied is now shown
    • Long entries are now truncated
    • The album and entries widget can be pasted

  • Posting
    • Posting is now possible without a page transition
    • The ImaCoco function has been added
    • Additional browsers can now use the Haiku drawing tool
    • A bug with the shortcut key for drawings has been removed from the computer version
    • The function to determine the size of drawing posts has been improved
  • Others
    • Search results are shown on the spot
    • Related keywords are shown automatically
    • Profiles are now shown in the English version and in the Japanese mobile phone version as well
    • Profiles are now displayed on the keyword page
    • Friend Invite options have been expanded
    • Star Reports can now be checked by smartphone and Nintendo DSi Browser

  • For developers
    • OAuth is now supported
    • When retrieving via the API you can specify the body format
    • Keyword data can now be retrieved faster by omitting related keywords
    • Web page forms can now be filled in

Your opinions and requests

The new version of Hatena Haiku has been available as a beta version since the December 24, 2010 at http://h1beta.hatena.com/. We want to thank for all the opinions and comments we received during the trial period. We apologize that we were not able reply to all the posts we received, but we will keep your comments in mind for the further development and administration of Hatena Haiku.

The site for Hatena Haiku's beta version (http://h1beta.hatena.com/) will stay in use to run tests of new functions. Please leave your opinions and feelings on new functions at the keyword "Hatena Haiku Beta". We will not be able to respond to all entries individually but we do read all of them and take them into account for further developments.

Please note that during the beta test period, features may be added or removed at any time, and the service might not be available at all times. The beta version and the release version both share the same database. Post the the beta version will be displayed on the release version and vice-versa.

We plan to add many requested features and the ability to connect with other services, as well as add previously hidden features to the beta site in coming days. We are looking forward to your enjoyment of these new features.

Please try and use it

We are looking forward to your use of the new Hatena Haiku.