"Hatena World", Hatena's global conversation venue, closed beta version released

"Hatena World" where you can have conversations with anyone on the map of the world, was introduced today as a closed beta service.

Hatena World is a service where you can maneuver a character you have drawn yourself and have conversations with anyone in the world. In Hatena World you can make the logs of your conversations either private or open to the public, and you can also set the range where you can have conversations. You create your own character using the character editing function, and can share the drawing of your character with someone else as well. The many functions of Hatena World help provide a venue for you to hold a variety of conversations with people all over the world.

At first we have released a closed beta version of Hatena World targeted only to students with an e-mail address ending with ".edu" in order to make improvements to the service. We will continue on its development and look forward to making a formal public release of the service.