Flipnote Studio/Flipnote Hatena released for the United States and Canada

Flipnote Hatena Service Now Online

Hatena is proud to announce the launch of Flipnote Hatena – a web service for posting and sharing Flipnotes - for the United States and Canada. This service is used in conjunction with Flipnote Studio, available for download from the Nintendo DSi Shop starting today.

Flipnote Studio is a free, downloadable Nintendo DSiWare application available to any Nintendo DSi user with access to a wireless broadband internet connection. By connecting to the internet and accessing Flipnote Hatena through Flipnote Studio, you can post your own Flipnotes, view Flipnotes posted by other users, add ☆ to your favorites and more.

Posted Flipnotes can also be viewed on the Flipnote Hatena website, provided by Hatena Co., Ltd. Log in to this website with a Hatena ID to have even more fun with Flipnotes with features such as posting comments and sorting Flipnotes by channel.