Flipnote Hatena goes global – a selection of Flipnotes from around the world

Hello from all of us at Flipnote Hatena!

It has been a busy and exciting week at Hatena, and we are happy to finally see Flipnotes and comments being posted by users from all around the world, after many long months of development.

Since Flipnote Studio was released internationally over a week ago, the quality of the Flipnotes being posted has been improving as people are getting more time to practice their skills with Flipnote Studio. It is exciting for us to watch the quality of the Flipnotes posted here increase everyday.

We hope you are all enjoying sharing your Flipnotes, making comments, and exchanging stars with other users here on Flipnote Hatena.

In this week’s Flipnote Hatena official blog, we’re going to introduce a few of the most interesting Flipnotes posted during the last week. Some of our personal favorites are the ones below.

”The fly - 1st part” We really enjoyed this Flipnote featuring beautiful, hand-drawn animation by Oliver (id:oliverc), of a character flying through the sky. We’re looking forward to his next Flipnote!

”Ninja Vs. Cowboy” We were impressed with Andruken’s (id:andruken) Flipnote, featuring a showdown between a cowboy and a ninja – guess who wins?

TG’s (id:Tompi) Flipnote starts off with a tranquil country scene which then takes a complete 360 into chaos. Check it out!

”Paperboy Attack” by Weasel (id:weaselwiese), is a funny Flipnote about a paperboy who’s got a dangerous throw. Ouch!

Denty One (id:Dentyoo1) made this realistic Flipnote of a cute, black cat with lovely eyes. Nice work!

On Flipnote Hatena you can enjoy competing with Flipnote creators from around the world. If you post something interesting and unique, your Flipnote might appear here in the Flipnote Hatena official blog next week.

This week’s Flipnote topic: “Flipnotes about the Sea”

Every week we have a weekly topic for Flipnote Hatena users that is featured on button #8 of the channels screen of Flipnote Hatena on the Nintendo DSi.

You can enjoy posting your Flipnotes about a common theme with Flipnote Studio users worldwide. The following week we will introduce some of the most interesting Flipnotes that people posted on the Flipnote Hatena official blog!

Explanation of this week’s theme:

August is almost over, and for many people around the world summer is coming to an end. Many people go to the beach during their summer holidays, and enjoy swimming, playing with friends and family, fishing, sailing, and surfing, etc.

Please create Flipnotes about your summer adventures at the seaside, and post your Flipnotes to channel #8 from your Nintendo DSi.

Now, we’d like to show you some of the best Flipnotes from last week’s topic, “Say Hello to the World”

Last week many of our users from Japan created Flipnotes based on the theme of saying “hello” in different languages. We’d like to show you some of the more interesting Flipnotes that people created below.

★ The first Flipnote we’d like to introduce shows a Japanese speaking character and an English speaking character who greet each other in their own respective languages, but can’t speak to each other. The Japanese character takes a Nintendo DSi from his bag and the words “We can overcome our differences by communicating with our Flipnotes” appears. Isn’t that true?

★ The second Flipnote we’d like to introduce is by a Flipnote creator from Japan named Naoyuki (id:Matumoto), who teaches us how to say “Hello” in Japanese, English, French, German and Italian. (Italian users, please forgive Naoyuki for having spelled "Italy" incorrectly). A little language goes a long way.

★ Even though our topic last week was to “Say hello to the world”, some Flipnote creators like Mina (id:km56ki21) went so far as to say "hello" to Flipnote creators from other worlds. Far out!

★ Another Flipnote we’d like to introduce is by Moheya (id:mo-he-ya) who teaches people about several types of body language used in Japan. We especially enjoyed how the panda character falls asleep at the end of the Flipnote.

Thank you for checking out the Flipnote Hatena blog this week, and for all of the excellent Flipnotes that you posted. Please post your Flipnotes about this week’s theme “Flipnotes about the Sea” from channel #8 on your Nintendo DSi, and be sure to check our blog again next week to see if your Flipnote is featured here.