September 1, 2010: Hatena Featured Artist - HIROSHI (id:hiroshi-0)


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Today's Hatena Featured Artist is HIROSHI (id:hiroshi-0) from Japan.

"Ugo-Battlers Mutant G Busters" by HIROSHI (id:hiroshi-0)

Please introduce yourself and tell us how you get ideas for your Flipnotes.

Hi! My name is HIROSHI and I live in south part of Kyoto, Japan.

I practice Shorinji Kempo (a type of martial art), and I get my ideas from zen meditation and deep concentration.

Actually, I'm joking!

I usually get the inspiration for my Flipnotes from movies, TV, music, and games.

What do you do in your free time?

I like playing online games and watching motor-sport events on television. I basically enjoy all types of motor sports! Oh, and meditation too -- just kidding!

What kind of Flipnotes do you want/like to create?

I would like to create a Flipnote that pushes all of my ideas, drawing skills and artistic sense to their extremes. I often stop making my Flipnotes before they are completed because I get busy with other things, and sometimes post them without putting in my maximum effort.

"Endless fight" by HIROSHI (id:hiroshi-0)

What Nintendo DSi games have you played recently and which one is your all-time favorite?

I like Dragon Quest IX, and I often play it when I have free time. The Gran Turismo Series is one of my favorite games too. Since I am a big fan of motor sports I enjoy most types of racing games.

Is there anybody you would like to greet or something you would like to say to the Flipnote Hatena community?

I hope that everyone can have fun creating Flipnotes and sharing their creative ideas with the whole world!

"Infiniti Formula" by HIROSHI (id:hiroshi-0)

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