Dec. 22, 2010: Hatena Featured Artist - Haiji LL (id:haiji-01)


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Today's Hatena Featured Artist is Haiji LL (id:haiji-01) from Japan.

Please introduce yourself.

Hello everyone all over the world. My name is Haiji LL. I am in the second year of high school and I am quite tall. I have been a Flipnote Hatena user for one year and 11 months.

How you get ideas for your Flipnotes, and how long does it usually take you to create them?

I often get ideas when I'm on the train. In my mind, I make stories and I try to think how to make characters or things move. It takes one to three hours to get these ideas in shape. There are lots of things around us which can become ideas for our Flipnotes, and I believe it is important to observe things well whenever possible.

What hobbies or interests do you have (besides making Flipnotes)?

Of course, I love drawing thanks to Flipnote. I also practice karate which I've been doing since I was little, and I enjoy jogging and walking. I also love playing with my cat.

Do you have any advice or tips for other Flipnote creators about how they can improve their skills?

When you draw, it is better to think "I WANT to draw" rather than "I HAVE to draw."

Also, you should think about the viewers of your Flipnotes. I think it's much more fun to share your creations with other people instead of just enjoying it yourself.

What kind of Flipnotes would you like to create in the future? Are there any new things you would like to try?

I would like to continue to make Flipnotes as I do now and try to get better.

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