September 2, 2011: Flipnote Hatena Weekly News



Hello everyone! This is Aaron at Hatena in Kyoto, Japan with the latest news about Flipnote Hatena.

September is here again, and people all around the world are headed back to school and work. We hope that you enjoyed your summer holidays.

We have two new great themes in the Color Star Exchange this week, and a new topic that we hope you will all enjoy. For more information please keep reading.

We are looking forward to seeing your Flipnotes!

Flipnote of the Week

★ Take a trip under the sea in this beautifully drawn Flipnote by Merukuressa (id:melly) from Japan.

If you have suggestions for future Flipnotes of the Week, you can post your nominations or suggestions on Hatena Haiku under the keyword "Flipnote of the Week Nomination/Suggestions".

The best of the last week's topic: "Hair"

This week we are happy to introduce some of our favorite weekly topic Flipnotes posted by creators from around the world.

You can see all of the Flipnotes posted about last week's topic by clicking on the link below (be sure to set your content preference to Worldwide to see Flipnotes from all regions):

Weekly Topic: Hair

"Hair" Flipnotes from the Americas region

★ Pan~sLabs© (id:Pandora_The_Selkie) created this Flipnote about a woman with some very unusual hair spray.

★ Choose a hairstyle that is just right for you in this Flipnote by SnowyOwl (id:BurrowingOwl208).

★ Najat.T.S (id:gold69) posted this creative Flipnote about a trip to the beauty parlor.

★ Something funny happens on a windy day in this Flipnote by Jamie (id:Jamie435).

★ A character mistakes "Monster Spray" for "Hairspray" in this funny Flipnote by RubiZon (id:lousir).

★ We liked this Flipnote by GIGANTOR (id:Fuddy-Duddy) about a cute little hairy character.

"Hair" Flipnotes from the Europe and Oceania region

★ A cat gets in the way in this funny Flipnote by Sandy (id:ryg76557ub).

★ We really liked this hair-raising story created by ☆Gelo (id:RainGelo).

katt (id:katt2) posted this funny Flipnote about messy morning hair.

★ Sulei123 (id:Studio123) reminds us to treat our hair with care!

★ Dani (id:Daniel6991) posted this funny Flipnote about hair growth tonic.

★ A cute egg character gets a new hairstyle in this Flipnote by Leitmotiv (id:L3IT4).

"Hair" Flipnotes from Japan

Toroaki posted this Flipnote about what happens to hair in-between haircuts.

★ A cat gets shampooed and groomed in this funny Flipnote by Puppetmaster (id:nyaozow).

★ △Yukki (id:yukkie-triangle) posted this Flipnote about a Japanese doll with hair that turns into noodles.

★ Pekira (id:pekira9074) created this funny Flipnote about a doll with a mysteriously changing hairstyle.

★ Sakarin (id:ugo_sakarin) posted this cute Flipnote about hair and static electricity.

★ We liked this Flipnote by Mameko (id:mm0118) about a truly unique hairstyle.

This week's topic: "Pets" (September 2 , 2011 - Sept. 8, 2011)

Think about pets that people have, such as cats, dogs, hamsters, iguanas, parrots, or snakes and create animated stories about them.

Create Flipnotes about the funny things that pets do, or any fantastic pet stories than you can imagine. You might even want to introduce exotic pets, or your own pets in your Flipnotes.

You can see all of the Flipnotes currently posted about this week's topic at the URL below (be sure to set your content preference to Worldwide to see Flipnotes from all regions):

Weekly Topic: Pets

New Creator's Room Themes

This week we are happy to present two new Creator's Room themes. For more information please visit the Color Star Exchange on Flipnote Hatena for Nintendo DSi.

★ This theme features a butterfly with a shadowy green background. (10 color stars)


★ This theme features a lion with a shadowy blue background. (10 color stars)


Frog Sightings

If you are interested in having your frog photo or illustration featured in the "Weekly Frog Sighting" section of the blog please post them on Hatena Haiku and we might feature it here.

Please submit only original photos/illustrations that you have created yourself.

id:MarcosOwl posted this photo of a wooden frog in a beach lodge in Bahía Kino, Mexico


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