The 5th Anniversary of Hatena Star -- Over 30 billion stars in the world!

Today Hatena Star is celebrating its 5th anniversary.

The Hatena Star service began on July 11, 2007 and marked the milestone of 10 billion stars being used in February 2011. As of May 12, 2012 the total number of Hatena Stars that exist exceeds 30 billion! We are amazed to see that the number of Hatena Stars has increased so quickly, and are happy that you enjoy them.

Hatena Stars can be used on Flipnote Hatena as well as many other Internet services, and you can add stars easily with one click of your mouse. Add stars to send a positive message to the creator of content that you like, let others know that you liked something they made, or just to tell someone that you viewed their page or are thinking about them.

You can also use color stars which are a variation of Hatena Stars to express your feelings with colors such as green, red, blue and other rare types. When you find something on the Internet that you like, be sure to add a star to show others how you feel!