December 5, 2012: Hatena Featured Artist - Shortcom.™ (id:H-man88888888)


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Today's Hatena Featured Artist is Shortcom.™ (id:H-man88888888) from the Americas region.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hello Hatena! I'm 12 years old and live in Michigan. I have one brother, two sisters, a cat and a dog, and some fish. I really like making entries for the weekly topics in the Flipnote Hatena Weekly News blog.

What are your interests or hobbies, and how do you spend your free time?

I like to sketch, listen to music, read, make Flipnotes, and write. I am interested in technology, and would like to work in the field of robotics when I'm older. I also wouldn't mind pursuing a career in animation sometime in the future.

Please introduce some of your best Flipnotes, and tell us why you like them.

★ "Cosmic Cords" - I like the way this came out, and the motion was fairly smooth. I don't know why but my Flipnotes usually involve traveling into space.

★ "Reality Check" - I made this with the Nintendo DSi Camera application for Weekly Topic: Cycling. I like the way it came out, even though I'm fairly new to this type of animation.

★ "Shades of Block" - This one I enjoy greatly, and watch often. I know it's kind of plain, but I just like it.

★ "Wind It Up" - This features a wind up key. It didn't take long to make, but I like it.

★ "Umbrella" - This may be my favorite Flipnote that I've made. It was for the Weekly Topic: Umbrellas and it took forever to finish.

★ To be frank, I just like this one.

★ "Fortune" - I enjoyed making this, and it was fun to animate.

What techniques or skills are you especially good at in your Flipnotes?

I'm fairly good at giving my characters motion. I like making the whole body move, and that’s one of my top priorities.

What are some techniques or skills that you wish to improve, try, or learn to do in order make your Flipnotes better?

I have many ideas, but I don't connect them properly, and I get frustrated and give up. My goal is to be able to continue with an idea, even if it doesn’t work at first.

Please introduce some of your favorite artists on Flipnote Hatena , and tell us why you like them or their Flipnotes.

★ I really enjoy the funny animations by Nikko (id:pknathan1).

★ The animations by InkWolf (id:InkWolf) are smooth and captivating.

Hoot (id:Hoots) creates Flipnotes that are so funny I fall to the floor laughing.

★ The Flipnotes by TAK (id:TAKtheAWESOME) are truly amazing.

$PRエ〒£BOY (id:spriteboy7) creates impressive Flipnotes that are extremely cute.

★ The Flipnotes by Dingpoodle (id:CitrusHappy) are indescribably wonderful.

★ The animations by CreatorArt (id:CreatorArt) are all well made.

Anthony (id:MarioAndSonicLover) makes outstanding animations with the Nintendo DSi Camera application.

Is there something you would like to say to the Flipnote Hatena community?

Flipnote Hatena is one of the best things ever. Flipnote Hatena allows us to express ourselves with art, which is a universal language that everyone can understand. Art allows us to show who we are, what we think, feel, and hear.

In my mind the only bad Flipnotes are the ones that do not express anything. Simply asking for stars is not a form of expression, it is begging. Flipnotes that are copied from others do not express anything either -- they just take someone else’s words.

If you try your best when you make a Flipnote, it will be a good Flipnote, even if it doesn't become popular. Star beggars and stealers can redeem themselves if they stop posting those kinds of Flipnotes and try to express something.

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