January 30, 2013: Hatena Featured Artist - りÂÑíもレ (id:Dannyboi)


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Today's Hatena Featured Artist is りÂÑíもレ (id:Dannyboi) from the Americas region.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, I am 14 and live in a small town outside of Chicago, Illinois with my family, my dog and my turtles.

What are your interests or hobbies, and how do you spend your free time?

My hobbies are playing my drum set, fishing, and making stop motion animations.

Please introduce some of your best Flipnotes, and tell us why you like them.

★ This is a video that I took pictures of to make into a stop motion animation.

★ This is a stop motion animation of my fish tank.

★ I made this stop motion animation with video editing software on my computer.

★ These images were made with the Nintendo DSi Camera application, and I made the sounds with my guitar

★ I was sitting on my couch and thought of this off the top of my head.

What techniques or skills are you especially good at in your Flipnotes?

I think I am good at using color and making fluid movements with stop motion animation. I am also good at making music Fipnotes with my drum set and guitar.

What are some techniques or skills that you wish to improve, try, or learn to do in order make your Flipnotes better?

I hope to become a better artist and improve my drawing and sketching skills.

Please introduce some of your favorite artists on Flipnote Hatena, and tell us why you like them or their Flipnotes.

Here are some of my favorite artists and good friends that I have met throughout my journey on my Nintendo DSi!

123...go! (id:Skeletorsbone) is one of my favorite artists and has taught me so much about Flipnote Hatena.

Ippsy (id:Ippsi) is a great artist and her Flipnotes make me feel good.

mathis (id:MATHis) has great skills at stop motion and making cartoons.

メ~Pokey~メ (id:Steffanie) has one great talent, drawing amazing Flipnotes!

steven (id:ajra12) is a good friend and an artist that I really like.

^Mr.Lumps^ (id:C0RBITT) has been a friend of mine since the start. He makes mind-blowing video remixes!

Is there something you would like to say to the Flipnote Hatena community?

I hope you guys all around the world have a wonderful day and keep on keeping on!

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