March 8, 2013: Flipnote Hatena Weekly News


Hello, this is Aaron at Hatena in Kyoto, Japan with the latest news about Flipnote Hatena.

Last week's topic about "Seeds" was a lot of fun. Every idea in your mind is like a seed, and if you work to make it grow, you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. Thanks to everyone who posted!

We are looking forward to seeing what kinds of ideas Flipnote creators around the world can come up with for the new topic this week. Keep reading to find out more!

If you haven't yet posted a Flipnote for the weekly topic, please give it a try.

Thanks for checking out the news blog, from all of us at Hatena.

Flipnote of the Week

Yudetama (id:sibirudon) from Japan, posted this excellent Flipnote about an elephant and a seed machine.

The best of the last week's topic: "Seeds"

There were over 1,215 Flipnotes posted about last week's topic, and here are some of our favorites from around the world.

You can see all of the Flipnotes posted about last week's topic by clicking on the link below (be sure to set your content preference to Worldwide to see Flipnotes from all regions):

Weekly Topic: Seeds

"Seeds" Flipnotes from the Americas region

★ Something amazing grows from a magic seed in this animation by Najat.T.S (id:gold69).

★ We liked the detailed drawings and sounds in this seed animation by Sav1435 (id:Sav1435).

★ The seeds in this animation by Susannah (id:akiradoll) grow into something unexpected.

★ Birds and seeds work together in this nicely drawn animation by Cosmirage (id:Cosmirage).

★ This Flipnote by ELIJ (id:ElijahBlazer) has excellent character animation and sounds.

★ A seed helps a raccoon on a rainy day in this animation by OM-NOM-NOM (id:Om-nom-nom).

"Seeds" Flipnotes from the Europe and Oceania region

★ Watch an amazing seed grow to great heights in this Flipnote by ×TâsFïìàä× (id:toffee11).

Gr (id:mvlsg) used the Nintendo DSi Camera for this great seed animation.

★ A hungry caterpillar enjoys munching on some seeds in this animation by lipoupine (id:zozibulle).

★ We liked this funny story about a bee and a flower by Foufi (id:Boumzi).

lynx3000 (id:Lynx3000) posted this cool and colorful animation titled "Neon Plant".

★ A young woman plants a strange seed in this cute Flipnote by faithful (id:faithfully24).

"Seeds" Flipnotes from Japan

★ We enjoyed this animation about a young woman and a seed blowing in the wind by Mana (id:mana0626).

Tako Death (id:rabbit_thankyou) created this funny Flipnote about an amazing octopus shaped invention.

★ Something unexpected grows from a seed in this neat animation by Y-NN (id:y-nnxid).

★ Check out the strange seed this Flipnote by Puppet Master (id:nyaozow).

Arigatou (id:azinohiraki300) posted this heart-warming story about some young children and seeds.

★ Two funny little characters tend to their seeds in this animation by Johnny 3 (id:a3735963).

This week's topic: "Alphabet"

Use the letters of the alphabet to create original Flipnotes. Animate all of the letters of the alphabet transforming into one another, or make stories about letters with personalities who do funny things. Create stories about people learning the alphabet, or make animations to teach the alphabet. Remember that many people might not speak your language, so please do not post animations that are overly dependent on words in order to be understood. See where your creativity takes you!

Please submit your weekly topic Flipnotes by 9:00 PM on March 14, 2013 (Thursday) US Pacific Time, and we will present some of our favorites on March 15, 2013 (Friday).

You can see all of the Flipnotes currently posted about this week's topic at the URL below (be sure to set your content preference to Worldwide to see Flipnotes from all regions):

Weekly Topic: Alphabet

Frog Sightings

If you are interested in having your frog photo or illustration featured in the 'Weekly Frog Sighting' section of the blog please post them on Hatena Haiku and we might feature it here.

Please submit only original photos/illustrations that you have created yourself.

★ Frogs and film, by Aaron (id:aaron)



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