Announcing the release of the revised version of the Flipnote Hatena data acquisition API

Today, we released a revised version of an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows for various types of data to be acquired and saved from Flipnote Hatena. Click here to see information about the previous release of this API.

The revised version of this API allows for only data associated with your own account to be acquired, and requires the use of an "authentication token".

You can find your authentication token on the "Settings" tab of your "My Page" on the Flipnote Hatena website.

Please see the API documentation at the URLs below for further details:

Important notes about this API:

  • Authentication tokens used with this API are unique for every user.
  • This API will no longer function after May 31, 2013 when the Flipnote Hatena service ends.
  • This API is released as-is, and we are unable to respond to individual technical questions or support inquiries about its usage.

We hope that this API will be useful for programmers and users of Flipnote Hatena who wish to save detailed information about their Flipnotes before the service ends.

Thank you for using Hatena's online services.