For Developers: Hatena Haiku 1.1 API compatibility issues

The new version of Hatena Haiku offers the same API and RSS functionality as before. We believe that applications that work with the current version of Hatena Haiku will also work with the new version, however we request that developers check for compatibility during the beta test period.

Please tell us about applications that work or do not work with the new version by reporting to us with the "Hatena Haiku 1.1" keyword.

We have made the following changes to the API in the new version of Hatena Haiku:

OAuth is now supported

The OAuth authentication method is now supported. For operations for reading data “read_public” priveleges, and for writing and deleting data “write_public” privileges are used.

HTTP Basic authentication will continue to be supported, but we recommend use of OAuth from now on. We do not currently have plans to stop supporting HTTP Basic authentication, however we recommend developers look over our current OAuth support and consider using it.

Automatic replies sent via @ has been removed

According to the description for “statuses/update”:

Use of the prefix @id will make a reply to the last entry of the user with that Hatena ID.

Because this may cause confusion it has been removed in the new version. “@id” is used as a character string. If you wish to reply you should explicitly specify the item you are replying to with “in_reply_to_status_id”.

without_related_keywords” keyword list argument is now available

Parameters "without_related_keywords" has been added to "keywords/list" and "keywords/hot". If you use "without_related_keywords=1" the related keywords list will not be included in the results. We recommend that applications that does not use related keyword information use this option for better performance.

For list of Fans and Favorites keyword page parameters is now available

A new parameter "page" has been added to "statuses/followers" and "statuses/keywords". Up to 100 users and keywords can be shown on 1 page, and to display more you can specify "page=2", etc. The favorite users list "statuses/friends" works in the same way.

Web page forms are now able to be filled in

This is not an API, however you can use Hatena Haiku "word" and "body" information as arguments such as,%20New%20Haiku!

You are now able to use the keywords and text in a way you specify when you open a page.

About the domains

The domain used for the beta test ( will be active for a short period after the beta test is over. Please note the warnings above and be aware that the domain may be removed at any time after the release of the final version.