You can now delete a registered blog from your Blogs page.

As you are aware, you can register an external blog on your Hatena Star Blogs page. However, once registered, you were unable to delete a blog for any reason.

We have added a new function, enabling you to delete a registered blog from your list of blogs on the Blogs page.

We apologize for the delay in implementing this essential function. In the past, users were required to contact us by e-mail to delete a blog, however, now you can do this yourself from your Blogs page. Please be aware that you will not be able to delete Hatena Diary and Hatena Group blogs. ID/blogs

We have also added another modification to allow superscription of blogs that have not completed token certification. This was done to prevent others from registering your blog site URL under their own name by mistake, and not allowing you, the actual owner, to register it.

Please be aware that with this modification, another user may superscript your blog if you have not correctly completed its token certification.