Flipnote Hatena Weekly News: September 11, 2009

As the days get shorter and colder here in Japan, we've been staying close to our computers and our Nintendo DSi's to keep warm, and once again chosen some of our favorite Flipnotes from around the world to share with you in the Flipnote Hatena official blog.

Unfortunately, no users from outside of Japan posted Flipnotes based on last week's theme "Back to school", so we'll be skipping that section of the blog this week. Please submit some Flipnotes based on this week's topic "Respecting your elders" by entering the command via "Command Search" from Flipnote Hatena on your Nintendo DSi and posting your Flipnotes there. You cann see more details about this week's theme below.

We are also proud to announce that we will be featuring some original animations created by Aardman Animations, Ltd. with Flipnote Studio. Check Flipnote Hatena next week for the world premiere of the first of a series of exclusive Flipnotes by Aardman Studios.

Flipnotes from users in Japan

★Take a short trip into a world of fantasy in this Flipnote about a wind-powered music box by Gorillaprime (id:TransMetalsGP)

★Now many students in Japan are going back to school, and OXYGEN (id:oxygen816) made this realistically illustrated Flipnote of everyday life titled "One day on the way to school".

★Zenetes (id:zenetes920), animated everyone's favorite character -- the Flipnote frog, in 2 colors. Be sure to check out Zenetes other Flipnotes of animated geometric patterns too.

Flipnotes from creators in Europe and Oceania

★Take a short flight in "Bird's journey" by Leonardo (id:leomckitten) through this beautifully illustrated world. Excellent animation!

★We really enjoyed "On holiday 1" by MdM (id:MdMbunny) with it's cute characters, detailed illustration and fun music. Great work!

★The talented Dr.Zoom (id:DrZoom) returns again with "Monster (Hunt) p.1" with a tale of a monster walking the city streets and making a visit to the home of a man who's sleeping. We're looking forward to part 2!

Flipnotes from the Americas

Halloween is just around the corner, and you should start thinking about your costume for this year. Get some transpiration from the vampire teeth, bats and other scary stuff in this Flipnote by Lindsey (id:xxLINDSEYxx).

★As the days get shorter and night falls earlier, many of you should eat more carrots to get vitamin A to increase your night vision, like the rabbit in this Flipnote by Ethan (id:sofaspartan).

★Something strange is out there in "Graveyard Lurker" by Mr. Raroo (id:Raroo). We're once again reminded to be careful playing in graveyards at night.

This week's topic: "Respecting your elders"

In Japan there is a holiday on September 21 known as "Respect-for-the-Aged Day"

Try to show your grandmother or grandfather some respect or your thanks to them by expressing your feelings to them in Flipnote.

Post your Flipnotes about this topic by entering the command via "Command Search" from Flipnote Hatena on your Nintendo DSi. We'll introduce some of the best Flipnotes from around the world based on this week's theme in next week's official Flipnote Hatena blog.

"Wallace & Gromit" animators create short films with Flipnote Studio

We'll be featuring some very special Flipnotes created by Aardman Animations, Ltd., on Flipnote Hatena starting from September 16.

Nintendo are teaming up with Aardman - the makers of "Wallace & Gromit" - to produce a special series of films with Flipnote Studio to be distributed on Flipnote Hatena.

Aardman will be using Flipnote Studio to create twelve short animations called "The 12 Films Of Christmas".

The first Flipnote in the series, "The Sandwich Twins", by Aardman's Tim Ruffle, will be posted on the Flipnote Hatena website on September 16.

Kyoto International Manga Museum event

From September 5 (Saturday) to October 4 (Sunday) on weekends and Japanese holidays there will be daily workshops of how to use Flipnote Studio and Flipnote Hatena at the Kyoto International Manga Museum. If you happen to be passing through Kyoto, Japan please be sure to visit. For more information please see http://www.kyotomm.jp/HP/international/english/