System update: Block specific users from posting to your channels

Channels are a function of Flipnote Hatena that allows for similarly themed Flipnotes to be linked together. Unfortunately, many users on Flipnote Hatena post or link their Flipnotes to the incorrect channels, or to channels that have no connection to the content of their Flipnotes.

Posting or linking your Flipnotes to channels that have no connection to the topic of your Flipnote is an annoyance to other users. Please don’t link your Flipnotes to channels other than those related to what your Flipnote is about.

Flipnote Citizens have the ability to link and unlink Flipnotes from channels, and can help to keep channels organized, however we have added one more method to keep channels organized.

Channel linking forbidden function

Starting from today we have added the ability for channel administrators to block specific users from posting to channels that they have created.

In order to create channels, you'll need to first become a Flipnote Citizen. For information about how to create channels please see our help section for making channels.

To use this new feature, channel administrators can specify which users they wish to block from posting to their channels on the Channel linking forbidden user IDs entry form, found on the settings page for channels they create.

To use the channel linking forbidden function, enter the Hatena ID or the Flipnote Studio ID (Example: 0E1234567890ABCD) of specific users that you wish to block from posting to your channel.


Channel administrators can also remove users from their linking forbidden list by removing their Hatena ID or Flipnote Studio ID and saving the channel settings again.

We hope that this new feature will make management of channels easier for channel administrators, and help to create a better user experience for everyone on Flipnote Hatena.