System update: Flipnote Hatena Plus subscriptions & Color Star purchases now available for all regions

Starting today, Flipnote Hatena Plus subscriptions and purchases of Color Stars are available for users in the Americas and Europe and Oceania* regions.

Hatena can accept payments by credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) for purchases of Flipnote Hatena Plus subscriptions and Color Stars.

Subscriptions to Flipnote Hatena Plus, and Color Stars that you purchase will immediately be applied to your Hatena account after you have made your purchase.

Flipnote Hatena Plus

Flipnote Hatena Plus is a paid option that makes Flipnote Hatena even more convenient and fun! After you join, you'll be able to add color to the comments that you write for others, as well as use Emoji in your comments (fun emoticons and smileys). You'll also be able to view detailed graphs about the number of views and comments that your Flipnotes receive and add an unlimited number of creators on your Favorites list. You can enjoy all of these features for US $3 per month or US $32.99 per year.

For more information about Flipnote Hatena Plus please see the URL below:

Color Star Shop

Color stars are a variation of Hatena stars that you can use to express your feelings about something you like. There are green, red, blue and other rare types of color stars. You can buy a 'Color Star Box', and depending on the type of box that you purchase you might get lucky and receive some rare stars! Add color stars to Flipnotes or comments that you like as a gift for the user who posted them, or just to add some color and call attention to the things that you like.

4 types of color star boxes are available for purchase, which are as follows:

  • Color Star Box (55 Stars) US $4.99
  • Color Star Box (112 Stars) US $9.99
  • Color Star Box (580 Stars) US $49.99
  • Color Star Box (1200 Stars) US $99.99

If you would like to purchase some Color Stars, please see the URL below:

We hope that you enjoy these new additions to Flipnote Hatena, and thank you for your continued support of Hatena's online services.

* Current pricing for Flipnote Hatena Plus subscriptions and Color Stars is in US$, but we hope to add more purchase options/currencies for users in other regions in the future.