Jan. 12, 2011: Hatena Featured Artist - take86 (id:take86)


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Today's Hatena Featured Artist is take86 (id:take86) from Japan.

★ "Eating Grasses" by take86 (id:take86)

How you get ideas for your Flipnotes, and how long does it usually take you to create them?

When I don't have any ideas, I just observe my surroundings, the people around me, or sometimes myself. Looking carefully at things always gives me some ideas for my Flipnotes.

What hobbies or interests do you have (besides making Flipnotes)?

I like drawing on paper, walls, or sometimes on clothes. I also like playing the guitar, and it's like my best friend. I enjoy playing sports, such as swimming, skiing, skating, and biking. To take a walk around town is fun too.

★ "Foot prints" by take86 (id:take86)

Do you have any advice or tips for other Flipnote creators about how they can improve their skills?

Flipnote Studio is very simple software. It's very easy to draw and erase, save and copy, etc. So why not just play around with it? I always discover new techniques and learn fun things about Flipnote Studio by doing simple things.

★ "Swimmer" by take86 (id:take86)

What kind of Flipnotes would you like to create in the future? Are there any new things you would like to try?

I would like to try adding sounds to my Flipnotes. I think it's a fascinating tool, but I haven't fully explored it yet.

★ "Snowman" by take86 (id:take86)

Is there something you would like to say to the Flipnote Hatena community?

Thank you for watching my Flipnotes, and I really appreciate all of your support!

★ "Heroes" by take86 (id:take86)

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