System update: New way to recognize spin-offs

The concept of a spin-off is that a user downloads someone else’s Flipnote and adds their own ideas or sounds to it, and creates something new for everyone to enjoy.

Unfortunately, some Flipnote Hatena users create spin-offs that are not significantly changed from the originals such as having no additions or changes to the original content, or only text added or the speed/color changed, etc.

At Hatena we strongly disapprove of Flipnotes that abuse the spin-off function, and we request users who do not significantly modify other users' Flipnotes to not post them to our service.

Today, we added some additional text to the “Details” page of spin-offs to make the fact that a Flipnote is a spin-off more obvious. This text includes a link back to the original Flipnote that the spin-off was made from.


We hope that this addition will help to better educate the Flipnote Hatena user community about what a spin-off is, and to remind everyone that a spin-off is not an entirely original Flipnote.

When viewing Flipnotes we would like to remind you to please not add stars or comments to spin-offs that are not significantly modified from the original Flipnote. Please add stars and comments only to Flipnotes that are worthy of that.

Spin-offs that have no significant changes from the original Flipnote can be reported by the creator of the original Flipnote. Please note that this reporting option can only be used by the creator of the original Flipnote and is not available to other users. For more details please see the URL below: