Mar. 9, 2011: Hatena Featured Artist: Hatch (id:season02)


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Today's Hatena Featured Artist is Hatch (id:season02) from Japan.

★ "A Narrow Escape for Nobuo"

How do you get ideas for your Flipnotes, and how long does it usually take you to create them?

I get inspired by listening to music, and looking at paintings and animation. Sometimes my friends help me to come up with good ideas, when they say to me that they would like to see a certain kind of Flipnote. Simple Flipnotes take me a couple of hours to make, and the longer ones take me weeks.

★ "Mosquito Coil Burner"

What hobbies or interests do you have (besides making Flipnotes)?

I like to look at paintings and art, so I often go to museums and art exhibitions. When the weather is nice I also like to take cycling trips and eat local food specialties from the places that I visit.

★"The Water Sphere"

Do you have any advice or tips for other Flipnote creators about how they can improve their skills?

If you are interested in movement start with drawing a circle. Try to make it fly, rotate, or smash into pieces in a funny way and it will be good practice.

Another good way of practicing animation is to watch and analyze other creators' Flipnotes. If you study the way that other people create their animations, you'll get a better understanding of motion, and this might help you to improve your Flipnotes too.

★ "What a Pretty Flower"

What kind of Flipnotes would you like to create in the future? Are there any new things you would like to try?

I want to create Flipnotes that anyone around the world can understand that are also entertaining. Ideally, I want to create Flipnotes that can be enjoyed simply by watching the the way the drawings move.

★ "Young Bird"

Is there something you would like to say to the Flipnote Hatena community?

I would like to thank everyone who watches my Flipnotes, and I hope that you enjoy the fun motion in them. I am a bit slow at posting but I will continue, so please keep an eye out for my new work.

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