Flipnote Hatena Weekly News: June 17, 2011



Hello Flipnoters! This is Aaron at Hatena headquarters in Kyoto, Japan with another fliptastic edition of the Flipnote Hatena Weekly News.

We really enjoyed all of the amazing robot Flipnotes that were posted this past week. More than 1,300 robots were posted by creators from around the world, and we are happy to introduce some of our favorites here. Thanks to all of you who took part!

June 21, 2011 will be the official first day of summer in the northern hemisphere. Many of you probably have plans for summer holidays, vacations or journeys. For the new weekly topic we are giving you the opportunity to take a journey in your Flipnotes. Scroll down for more information.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the news blog, and looking forward to seeing your Flipnotes.

Flipnote of the Week

★ "Driving" by PinkDSi (id:PinkDSi) - This is an interesting Flipnote made from pictures taken with the Nintendo DSi Camera application. The creator had to clear all of the photos from the Nintendo DSi system memory in order to make this, which took quite a while! The end result here plays back like a short film.

If you have suggestions for future Flipnotes of the Week, you can post your nominations or suggestions on Hatena Haiku under the keyword "Flipnote of the Week Nomination/Suggestions".

The best of the last week's topic: "Robots"

This week we are happy to introduce some of the most robotic Flipnotes from around the world.

You can see all of the Flipnotes posted about last week's topic at the URL below (be sure to set your content preference to Worldwide to see Flipnotes from all regions):

Weekly Topic: Robots

You can also see the Flipnotes for last week's topic by entering the command via "Command Search" on Flipnote Hatena for Nintendo DSi.

"Robots" Flipnotes from the Americas region

★ We liked this animation cycle of a walking robot that was posted by wariotime (id:wariotime).

★ The exaggerated movement and electronic sounds in this short Flipnote by Onion (id:Oniongarlic) plays back nicely in loop mode.

★ A robot drawn on paper comes to life in this excellent Flipnote by Qcumber (id:Qcumber).

★ TomWasHere (id:TomWasHere) created this funny Flipnote titled "Math Bot" that has original sounds made on an electronic keyboard.

★ InkWolf (id:InkWolf) posted this wonderful Flipnote titled "Robot Vs Cat". Who do you think will win?

★ [iRY]Adeta (id:raith16) made this cool Flipnote about a character fighting and dodging his own robot clone's missile hand.

"Robots" Flipnotes from the Europe and Oceania region

★ Stormy Cat (id:siotas6) posted this funny Flipnote about a robot who gets rusty.

★ We liked the use of color and cute graphics in this Flipnote by KAtieツツメD© (id:rabbeto).

★ Gelo (id:RainGelo) created this nicely drawn Flipnote about a man and a robot engaged in battle.

★ Travel inside the mind of a robot in this Flipnote by Jacki P (id:JackiP).

★ We very much enjoyed this Flipnote by Katt (id:katt2) about a child who creates a robot out of various household items.

★ Tri☆ id:Gnome posted this cool Flipnote about a robot who comes to earth from outer space. We liked the cool sounds!

"Robots" Flipnotes from Japan

★ Otonohaco (id:otonohaco) posted this cute Flipnote about a young girl who finds a robot and brings him home. The text at the end reads "You gave me a heart".

★ We really enjoyed the art and style of this Flipnote titled "Present for You" that was posted by Mikan (id:yashii1223).

★ Joni3 (id:a3735963) created this short Flipnote about a self-destructing robot, titled "Broken Robot".

★ A box-shaped device transforms into a giant robot in this excellent Flipnote by Misoshiru (id:orikazu).

★ We really enjoyed this Flipnote about a robot and his "Super Arm" that was posted by Chinshunoyoshida (id:yoshidadada).

★ Pekira (id:pekira9074) posted this Flipnote titled "Ship of Fools". Is the robot watering flowers that nobody will ever see the fool? Or are the humans who can't stop fighting wars the fools?

This week's topic: "Journeys" (June 17, 2011 - June 23, 2011)

Summer is a time for going new places, meeting new people, and having new experiences. This week we would like you to create Flipnotes about journeys or travels. Create animations about journeys you have had, or plan to take in the future. Take journeys to faraway places or imaginary lands. See where your creativity takes you.

Post the Flipnotes you create to the channel below from Flipnote Hatena on your Nintendo DSi.

Also, please do not use copyrighted music in your Flipnotes if you want them to be featured here.

You can see all of the Flipnotes currently posted about this week's topic at the URL below (be sure to set your content preference to Worldwide to see Flipnotes from all regions):

Weekly Topic: Journeys

We will feature some of our favorite weekly topic Flipnotes in next week's edition of the Flipnote Hatena Weekly News.

New Creator's Room Themes

★ This theme features a dragon enshrouded in mysterious light. (20 color stars)


★ Add some sweet donuts and cute doodles to your Creator's Room! (10 color stars)


Weekly Frog Sighting

If you are interested in having your frog photo or illustration featured in the "Weekly Frog Sighting" section of the blog please post them on Hatena Haiku and we might feature it here.

Please submit only original photos/illustrations that you have created yourself.

This week we are happy to introduce 3 different frog illustrations posted on Hatena Haiku.

★ Illustration by id:InkWolf


★ Illustration by id:JB12000


★ Illustration by id:marble3737


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