New Flipnote Hatena Features: Addition of a Blocked Users List and Channel Edit History

Today we added 2 new features to Flipnote Hatena, which are a "Blocked Users" list for blocking specific users from commenting on your Flipnotes, and the editing history for channels is now displayed.

From the Flipnote Hatena website you can now block specified users from making comments on your Flipnotes.


In order to use this feature please follow the steps below.

(1) Login to the Flipnote Hatena website (

(2) Click on the link for your "Creator's Room" at the top right of the page

(3) Click on the "Settings" tab

(4) Add users that you wish to block from making comments to your Flipnotes by entering their Hatena ID

(5) Comments by users that you add to your Blocked Users list will no longer be able to make comments on your Flipnotes

In addition to the method above, you can also add users to your Blocked User list when you erase comments on your Flipnotes. When you click on the button to erase a comment from one of your Flipnotes you will also have the option to click on a checkbox to automatically add that user to your Blocked Users list and this will prevent them from being able to make comments on your Flipnotes in the future.


Channel Edit History


Another feature that we added today is that the history of editing or translating of channel names or descriptions is now recorded and displayed.

If you click the "Translate" link found on any channel's page, you can view who has edited or translated information about the channel in a new section titled "Channel edit history".

The following information is recorded and displayed in the "Channel edit history" when channels are edited or translated:

  • Information about when channel names or descriptions are edited
  • The time and date that the items were edited
  • The Hatena ID of the user who edited the contents

Please note that you need to be a Flipnote Citizen in order to create, edit or translate channels)

Conditions for becoming a Flipnote Citizen

When you become a Flipnote Citizen, an icon like this will appear next to your username on the website.

Flipnote Citizen Status is not solely based on the number of days you have been registered with Hatena -- it is based on the number of days you have posted Flipnotes to the service.

You'll need to post at least 1 Flipnote per day for a total of 30 days or more. Even though you may have posted 30 Flipnotes, you still might not have posted them for a total of 30 days. (for example you posted more than one Flipnote on some days).

You can check how far you are from reaching Flipnote Citizen status by doing the following:

(1) Login to the Flipnote Hatena website (

(2) Click on the link for your "Creator's Room" at the top right of the page

(3) Click on the "Settings" tab

(4) Look at the information under the heading Flipnote Hatena registration information


You will receive an email from us when you have reached Flipnote Citizen Status -- thank you for your patience.

Important: If you post any Flipnotes that violate the Terms of Use the counter for the number of days you've posted Flipnotes will be reset to 0.