New on Flipnote Central: Two Dynamite Flipnotes by Jon Heder

We are pleased to announce that we have added some new, exclusive Flipnotes by Jon Heder to Flipnote Central for Americas region Nintendo DSi and Flipnote Hatena website users.

Jon Heder is an American actor, filmmaker and screenwriter. Born in 1977, he is best known for his star appearance in the movie "Napoleon Dynamite".

Check out two dynamite Flipnotes from American actor Jon Heder! North American Wii owners can also take a look at how these Flipnotes were made with an exclusive video on the Nintendo Channel.

Jon Heder's Flipnotes

Americas region Nintendo DSi users can view Jon Heder's Flipnotes directly on the Nintendo DSi by entering the following command via Command Search from Flipnote Hatena: