System update: Calculation change for displaying Popular Flipnotes when using the Worldwide content setting

Starting from today, we updated the way that Flipnotes are displayed in the Popular Flipnotes section of the Flipnote Hatena website when viewed with the "Worldwide (All)" content preference setting.

Previously, when the content preference setting was set to "Worldwide (All)", items in the Popular Flipnotes section were displayed based strictly on the number of stars they have received from users, views and other collected data. Unfortunately, this calculation method caused a problem where an unbalanced number of Flipnotes by creators from regions with a larger number of users was displayed.

We have now modified the way that Popular Flipnotes are displayed, and have taken into account the number of users for each region as an additional factor in the calculation. By making this modification, you should now be able to see a more fairly balanced selection of the most popular Flipnotes from the 3 content regions on Flipnote Hatena.

You can change your content preference setting to "Worldwide (All)" by clicking on the text where your current region and language is displayed, on the top right of every page on the Flipnote Hatena website.


Please try changing your content setting to "Worldwide (All)" on the Flipnote Hatena website to enjoy Flipnotes by creators from all around the world.