Press release: Share your jokes and lies with Hatena's latest global online service

Starting today, Hatena Co, Ltd. of Kyoto, Japan is pleased to announce the release of a new online service that allows users to share their lies with the world directly from Flipnote Studio for Nintendo DSi.

Until now, most April Fool's Jokes on the Internet were solely created by companies as one-sided tricks played on users. We are pleased to announce a changing of the roles for April Fool's jokes on the Internet, by allowing users a way to share their April Fool's jokes via our latest online service. "Foolipnote Hatena" was created specifically to allow users new ways to share their jokes, lies and gags with a global audience by posting them directly to the Internet from the Nintendo DSi. Hatena is the first company in history to create this type of epoch making Internet service which allows users new and unique ways to share their untruths with the world.

In addition, Hatena has also launched this service simultaneously in Japanese, on a website called Usomemo Hatena, allowing April Fool's jokes, gags and lies to reach across borders and be shared by people all around the world.

Interviews with the people who created "Foolipnote Hatena"

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This is the most exciting online service that I have ever created, and I am looking forward to seeing "Foolipnotes" created by users from around the world.

(Junya Kondo, CEO, Hatena Co. Ltd.)

Creating Foolipnote Hatena was certainly one of the greatest challenges for me in my career, and took many sleepless nights to create. I know that my peers in the Internet industry and my family will be proud that I have achieved a new echelon of success. Also, I hope to be able to purchase a lot of fried chicken with our newly earned profits.

(id:nmy, Chief Director, Foolipnote Hatena)

The algorithms and code that I wrote to create Foolipnote Hatena is the crowning jewel in my work as an engineer, and far exceeds the quality of work of our competitors. Strangers have approached me on the street and told me how much they are impressed with Foolipnote Hatena.

(id:birdie7, Engineering Director, Foolipnote Hatena)

Since the release of Foolipnote Hatena and it's overwhelming popularity, I have already started working on the sequel that we hope to release on April 2nd.

(id:motemen, Engineering Director, Foolipnote Hatena)

Translating Foolipnote Hatena from Japanese to English was an unforgettable experience, and I was proud to be a part of something that Hatena will be remembered for in Internet history. This new service will surely allow the amount of truth in the world to decrease.

(id:aaron, Localization and International Marketing, Foolipnote Hatena)

Since the release of Foolipnote Hatena we've received 1,000's of emails from consumers who are overjoyed to be able to share their lies with others. However, I am not sure if they were lying to me or not.

(id:kumi_t, Customer Support, Foolipnote Hatena)

To design the new logo and interface for "Foolipnote Hatena", I traveled the world and studied the works of the masters, such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet and Henri Matisse. As far as I know, no other designer in history has ever dressed a frog in a top hat with a monocle.

(id:chira_rhythm55, Chief Designer, Foolipnote Hatena)

To post your Foolipnotes please do the following:

  • Create a April Fools joke ("Foolipnote") on Flipnote Studio for Nintendo DSi
  • After you have created your "Foolipnote", access Flipnote Hatena
  • Tap on "Channel List" from the top menu, then tap on channel 8, which is named "April Foolipnotes"
  • Tap on "Description" and then tap "Post" to post your Foolipnote
  • Foolipnotes posted to channel 8 will appear on the Foolipnote Hatena website

April Fools Day only comes once a year. Don't miss this chance to post your gags, jokes and lies!

Lastly, please don't post any Foolipnotes that might hurt anyone.